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  1. sspiller333

    Randall RM100KH bias?

    Nice OK cool just checking cause mine had 2/3 death magnetic hand written on the tolex under tube 2 just wasn't sure if yours had the same kind of markings and I kind of heard a similar story though only 2 of the 3 had purple randall logo and the 3rd had pink so if your's was all kh modules I...
  2. sspiller333

    Randall RM100KH bias?

    I got mine like in 2011 it has different modules and Mesa recto style knobs it came with blackface plex and 1086 and haven't seen another one around till I finally saw this do you remember what number yours was by chance and this one came from Hollywood guitar center
  3. sspiller333

    Randall RM100KH bias?

    Hi there do you still have this amp cause I have number 2 of 3