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    Syn-30 - does it have the power?

    Solid State amps are different. None of what you are describIng is relevant for a tube amp like the Syn30.
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    Need Help using Fractal FM3 to send midi PC to Synergy Syn-2?

    I do this with my Syn2 and both my Axe3 and FM3 setups. I use the CCs. It's way easier, you do not have to program PC values on the syn. The Axe/FM3 just sends CC# with a value 127 (If the value for a CC is <64 it is ignored) on the proper channel and the syn 2 switches as directed. I change...
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    Need a little help with parts

    They have contact info/forms on their web site. I've contacted them many times that way without issue. Seems like if you were able to order parts from them at some point you had some kind of contact with them at some point. Since they don't actually sell parts directly to customers, I'm not...
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    SYN-50 + two SYN-2 together?

    Of course, that shouldn't be any problem at all.
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    Best clean/dirty module?

    The DS and the 800 Modules can get some nice 'edgy' cleans with low gain settings... single coils or volume turned down on a bucker will get you even cleaner, they're not gonna get as heavy as the others you listed, though. The Deliverance can do that too and you may want to check that out, it...
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    Cathode Select Switch

    There's a video on YT about the jumper pin. The person who did the vid noted that they actually used the switch so that way they could have two of the same channel and set the 'mid cut' differently on each, which gave him a footswitchable mid cut which he preferred over two different channels.
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    Synergy heads vs SYN1/SYN2

    Yeah, I get the feel thing... The good news is that, really, with the heads you can get that effect without any kind of simulation, which was the original question. They're 'real' amps, just with a modular preamp section. So, I think, unless you really love having a manual/variable sag control...
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    Synergy heads vs SYN1/SYN2

    Preamps are always a separate part of the circuit from the power amp whether it is a rack or a head. The big difference is that in an amp head, the head's preamp and power amp share the power supply, so any voltage/power draw for either part of the circuit comes from the same PSU. So, when the...
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    Randal RH100 1G with the red button

    That amp is not a Modular Amp. This forum is not for general Randall amps, it is specific to the MTS modular series amps.
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    SYN2 - Bypass & Mute

    Yeah it’s cool how much I/O the Syn2 has for a 1U unit. There’s a lot of potential ways to hook it up with the amp connections, loop, and main in/outs. You can configure it however it suits as long as you match levels and there is some control for those as well.
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    About to Join the Family...A Few Questions

    Yeah, the Deliverance can definitely get heavy, too. It really is just a matter of preference for heavy stuff. If you are not a big metal guy that one module could definitely be enough… The IICP is real versatile. The Pittbull is all about gain four the most part. The IICP dials in like a real...
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    About to Join the Family...A Few Questions

    Steve Fryette (designer of the Deliverance, Pittbull, and IIC modules among other things) did vids on dialing on the IIC and Pittbull. I prefer the Pittbull over the Deliverance for heavier stuff, personally. Modules with EQs like that are more flexbile but require more effort to dial.
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    New Synergy Owner: Questions, Comments & Complaints Insi

    Like @buddachile said V1 is dock. On the module, IIRC, left to right with the face plate facing you the order is: V2, V3 they are all preamp stages, none of them are phase inverters.
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    SYN 50 query - can it run on just one module?

    Yes, It's fine... it'll detect that there is no module in the empty slot and ignore it.
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    SYN2 - Bypass & Mute

    The Bypass is essentially a mute if you are not using the Syn2 in conjunction with an amp or another preamp. If you don't have anything connected you are bypassing it to an open circuit which is the same as muting it. It's a preamp not a guitar pedal. If you are getting signal that is probably...
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    It’s too bad he is not doing Synergy mods. Salvation said he can do them, but I am not shipping a Syn module that far for a mod.
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    Back in the module game

    Whoa… that is a serious collection. I’ll have to show that to my wife next time she wonders if I’m losing my mind with my module collection. I’ve got like all of the Syn modules except the AC and VH4. And one modded MTS module, so looking at this, I’m a lightweight!! :D
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    Back in the module game

    Personally don’t have a facebook account and glad for it... ;) Maybe the mailer will bring this place back to life a bit. That’s what prompted me to check in here again. The TGP mega thread is a great resource And a lot of fun. If there are enough users of modular gear it’d be awesome to have a...
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    Syn2 unwanted midi switching when using Helix

    If you can: connect a MIDI monitor on a computer or something to your Helix and you can see what messages the Helix is putting out. It is probably a CC message on 50-60 range CC 60 will bypass it and 64 will mute it. You may want to put the Helix and the Syn on different channels.
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    Back in the module game

    It really does suck that this place isn’t more lively. There’s a bunch of Syn talk spread across a bunch of forums and the TGP mega thread is cool; but a proper forum that people were using as a first resource would be awesome.