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    BE Prepared??

    But no plexi low gain channel so ... not for me
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    6505 module inbound

    Lot of different opinions on the 6505 . Some love it some dont ... I ll test it and return if it not for me
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    6505 module inbound

    6505 is too much agressive ?
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    Cathode Select Switch

    Possible ... Or when you find the right position for you , you forget this switch .
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    6505 module inbound

    I think i ll pass on the 6505 and waiting for new synergy stuff and good used deal on Powerball or Deliverance
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    6505 module inbound

    I agree !
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    6505 module inbound

    It s better waiting for the futur "new SLO 2 channels" maybe ...
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    6505 module inbound

    better you wait for the new SLO 2 channels if the rumor is true ...
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    6505 module inbound

    Thanks , i ll buy it so
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    6505 module inbound

    According to you Deliverance , Powerall , 6505 , Ultralead which one is a keeper ?
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    6505 module inbound

    Waiting for your judgment . I don t play metal but classic rock , hard rock so i hope this module could cover my style in place of SLO (that i loved but the 2 same channels / shared EQ is a bit useless ...)
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    6505 module inbound

    So , what do you think...? ;)
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    6505 module inbound

    Please let me know which one you prefer (and why) , i m in the same boat ;)
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    Any love for the Fryette Deliverance module??

    No love for the new 6505 ? i just order one
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    Tube power amp for synergy syn-1

    Yes it worth , it s much more than a power amp . Some don t like the sound of this power amp because he is pretty flat , uncolored but great for synergy stuff , fractal audio , modeling in general .
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    Synergy bogner ecstasy switches comparion

    Thank you for sharing !
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    Back in the module game

    Hey , The Gear Page "Synergy modular thread" is the good place to be . This forum i pretty dead ...
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    Bogner XTC vs Fryette Deliverance

    Steve Fryette is working on the Deliverence module for a better clean on channel one , maybe a new batch soon ...