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Sep 16, 2023
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Dear Forum,

how would you incorporate a Synergy PreAmp into an AXE FX System.

Some side hear-say:
Some sytems make a point to connect a physical speaker to make the speaker simulation happen more realistic due to the load or physical movement of the box (??)

I am using a Iconoclast Speaker Emulation hardware device.
I am struggling a bit on how to obtain 0 ms latency with digital effects (ADA conversion into the AXE FX would add latency, of course), IF possible at all. I guess, the concern here is if you ad the FX in series or in parallel.

What is good practice using a Synergy Pre Amp in a best possible hybrid recording system?

-> My final aim is to record at home during the creative writing process.
I would love to incorporate analogue sounds as far as possible
Do I have to worry much about a missing physical speaker for that setup to get the intended tone with a Synergy pre amp?

THX so much
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