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For Sale Jaded Faith mods/1086

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Jan 11, 2009
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Not been using my modular stuff for awhile. Probably time to pass it on. JF Mark X, Quick Mod and XTC. Also have a Randall 1086. Not sure if I have the tube guards but otherwise in great shape. I'll test them all tonight and update the post.

Not sure what these are worth so I guess I'm open to some offers. Noticed some JF mods on reverb for $450 and up...is that the going rate these days? No idea...


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All modules checked out. Gain pot is a little scratchy on the Splawn mod but other than that, all good. Probably just needs some deoxit.
Kind of wondering if you would send me a sample of the 2 modules splawn mod and xtc mod ohhh and price for the 1086?? I had one when I first started out,,,ahhhhh the good old days when I thought I could do what Rob does daily,needlessly to say it is in the module bone yard now 🤔