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Apr 20, 2023
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Hey gang. Just finished re-wiring my amp rack, feeling pretty good about the results. It's a modest setup but varied enough that I gives me lots to work with.

Synergy has been a game changer, of course. Personally, my favorite pairing is with the Ampeg GVT15H (6V6) which is full and clear but the Mark Five:25 (EL84) is crispy and tight. I used to think of myself as an EL34 guy but as yet, haven't come across the right settings with my Fargen Olde 800 (EL34 obv, not pictured).

Interested to hear more about others experience running their SYN thru an amp head and see some pics of your rigs!

FWIW, I'm also running the XLR out to my board > DAW and hitting power amp emulation by Two Notes Wall of Sound (actually beta SW). Somewhat surprised how close the emulation gets to the character of the power amp. Hoping to share more about that but gotta check terms of the agreement I signed before getting too far into it. More on that another time.


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