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Mar 6, 2022
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Hello !

I have read the manual 3 times about Bypass & Mute and am a bit confused as it seems to contradict itself...

Pressing the CHSTORE button cycles through the 4 sounds and the 5th press of the button results in a sort of Mute, not a Bypass (my instrument signal bypassing the SYN2, sort of like a DI). By "Sort of Mute" what I mean is that there is still signal leaking through.

Under MIDI, using CC#60 has the same result and if I set the 5th MIDI pedal to CC#64 (as suggested by the Manual) I get another variation of a sort of Mute, basically the 4th Preset but very quiet, and with the red Bypass light not switched on.

So Neither a Bypass nor a Mute. I would really like to have both. Herre's my question:
- Is my SYN2 faulty, and if not is there a mod to get a proper Bypass?

Ideally, in a live context the signal would continue to flow through even if the unit is powered off, stops working.

Thanks for any help!


Feb 16, 2020
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The Bypass is essentially a mute if you are not using the Syn2 in conjunction with an amp or another preamp. If you don't have anything connected you are bypassing it to an open circuit which is the same as muting it. It's a preamp not a guitar pedal.

If you are getting signal that is probably noise or cross talk.

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