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Oct 7, 2006
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The Netherlands (Europe)
My fav setting, although little awkward and unusual settings...
therefore I like to share with you. Please comment!

Cathode switch: setting 2 (middle)
Setting 3 (to the right) is the recommended setting in the manual.
On setting 2 (middle position) more dynamics according to the manual.
Btw, setting 1 (to the left) EQ not 'even' anymore and not an option.

left internal switch: 101B = switch towards
Although 100B setting is more dynamic it 'lacks' some 'feel' and 'give'.
But in general 101B too flat sounding, this is compensated by the cathode switch on 2.

Air = ON
right internal switch: Air On = switch backwards
More gain /harmonics and less mids and more bass/treble

Ch A: pre eq B1 (up)
Due to crosstalk it affects ch B

Ch B: pre eq B2 (down)

Schizo: C (down)
V =middle, sounds too stiff/hard to me.
M = up, sounds over the top.

Bass: MAX
Middle: MAX
Treble: MAX

Gain: 9 o'clock

=> Channel B: Hot Rod Marshall with lots of harmonics , rubbery bounce feel but still dynamic.

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