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Aug 7, 2022
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Needing to reduce my module collection for financial reasons. All these modules are in excellent working order. I have bought, sold, and traded on the Facebook module pages and have sold one through this forum. I ship quickly :) Please feel free to reach out with any questions. Thanks!

Jaded Faith- VX30- Great Vox style tone $375
Synergy iiCP- Fryette's recreation of the 2C+ $285
Fryette Pitbull- Great dry Fryette tone with a great EQ $275
Synergy HBE- Friedman's high gain monster. Don't think it's available anymore online $275
Jaded Faith Ubersonic- If you're looking for THICK this is it. Low end for days. Great metal tone. $400

PM me on what modules you might be looking for - I always have something for sale - thanks