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Dec 9, 2012
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I grew tired of my noisy fan in my RM100, especially when playing quietly at home in the evening. I was searching for threads about this mod, theres not really much around or I was just to stupid to find it. So I thought I just do my own thread of exchanging the fan.

While searching for a quiet fan, I came across Noctua. It`s an Austrian company specialized in quiet computer applications where I bought a fan. The fan comes with different adapter cables to regulate the its speed (2000, 1650 or 1200rpm).
Fan Modell is NF-A8 FLX. The dimensions of the fan are 80x80x25mm and it`s operating at 12V (in case you want to use a different fan).

The Noctua fan comes with an 3Pin connector (yellow, red, black). Simply remove the connector at the end of the (adapter) cable, isolate the yellow cable and connect/solder red to red and black to black from the cable powering the stock fan. Isolate everything carefully with duct tape or better with heat shrink tubing.

The fan is not directly mounted to the chassis but on small spacers leaving a gap between the fan and chassis of approx. 0.5cm (not sure if this spacers dampen the vibrations of the fan?). As the fan does not blow in air but sucks out air from the chassis, I isolated this gap with self adhesive foam.

The fan is now running at 1200rpm and its so much more pleasant, as the noise reduction is huge :)
I would like to do this mod, I was just reading another thread where somebody did it with an RM4 and rm50 and I assume those are different fans.

Do you have any pictures of the job?
And yea, I find it really hard to use the search in this forum, maybe i'm dumb too but it never gets results
Dr. G, i don't know how to either, I do prefer the facebook group for that reason though i hate facebook, it's like a necessary evil.
Resurrecting this from the grave...

I swapped out my old fan with a Noctua NF-A8, and once I fired up the RM100, the fan didn't power up. I bought a 3 pin to 2 pin adapter as Noctua fans only come w/ 3pin.

2 questions I have: there are 2 sockets (2pin) in the RM100 side by side....I can't recall which one powers the fan (close to center or close to edge of chassis) or if it even matters. Any other thoughts on why I'm not getting power? Any help is appreciated!
I actually don’t know. Never went inside the amp itself. Just cut the cables that powered the old fan and soldered it to the right colors of the noctua.