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Synergy & Randall Modules For Sale - Excellent Shape

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Jun 19, 2023
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Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
I have the following for sale, all in excellent shape please add $ 20 for shipping 1-3 units in the same box.

-- Randall XTC (Bogner style) - $ 260
-- Randall SL+ w/Mr. Scary Mod (Soldano Style) - $ 260
-- Fryette Pitbull - $ 285
-- Fryette Deliverance - $ 285

Also have a mint condition Randall RM-100 $ 950 OBO
--Can ship to lower 48 or local pickup Phoenix

Feel free to make an offer however these prices are very fair/below Reverb and these modules are in excellent shape.

Email for multiple unit discounts [email protected]


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Hi I am in Phoneix AZ - I think I replied to another question you had? Feel free to call ro text if you want - Seattle number but I moved to AZ 2 years ago 206 499-6930
Awesome - did you want to check these out? Where do you want to meet and when? I am free today, earlier the better or tomorrow earlier the better. I have young boys and plan to do something with them this weekend to get them out of the house.
Just saw the other message on the pitbull - sounds good, I'll need to meet you, the wife doesn't like folks coming over to the house. If you are interested I can do a second one for $ 500 total.