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I have a brand new Lynch box 100 that I bought 3 weeks ago from Funky monkey music that I am considering listing as I am also building a rack and need more RM4's now .

Any interest ?
Ok....now Im definately back in teh hunt since I had to return my RM100C....heads only this time.... :lol: :D
Hey man,

someone on Harmony Central is selling a Palimino RM100 & 3 modules (you pick out of the 4 he has) for $675. I'd hit it myself but I already have an RM50, an RM20 head & combo, AND I just bought a Marshall 410h :).

I don't know the guy, and I'm not shilling for him, but check it out if you want.

Thanks for the tip....I actually saw that about a week ago...He is in Canada and shipping would be very high....