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Aug 10, 2017
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I have a couple of Blackface modules that exhibit very bad static and sound fluctuations when the EQ pots are adjusted, especially at the low end. I am pondering whether to try to change the pots myself or just use the modules as donors for JF mods.

I've done some cap and resistor changes, but I haven't changed the pots before. It looks like it might be easy.

My questions:

Are there any warnings, tips or other advice that you can give me?

Where is the best source for replacement pots?

For this task you must disassemble the module - remove tubes -faceplate, nuts - all screws attaching to the base plate - from there you can carefully remove the pcb from the baseplate to access the underside. All the pots have 3 pins that mount thru the pcb - You will need to use a solder removal tool (desoldering pump ) like:
Work on all 3 pins of the pot and remove as much solder as you can. Next step is you will then need to continue to use the soldering iron starting at one of the outside pins and slowly pry up on the pot as you are heating the pin. Once the pot starts to move, continue to the other pins and pry gently each step of the way until the pot comes free. Be patient. Once the pot is removed it is important to clean the pcb holes of remaing solder using the desoldering pump.
Place new pot in holes and solder from bottom being careful not to overheat the new pot - take a break in between each pin to minimize the risk over overheating. Its not difficult, just tedious

Pot source reference: (3 pin PCB 16MM)
Thanks and enjoy