Need Help using Fractal FM3 to send midi PC to Synergy Syn-2?

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Jon Clarkson

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Mar 14, 2024
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I think I've tried every possible combination. What I would like to happen is for each scene in a preset to send a midi message that will switch to a desired channel on the Synergy SYN-2.

Best results so far: I've added the MIDI block to each scene. I've assigned a PC value in the midi block that corresponds to the scene (value 1, scene 1 etc.). I select the scene and then go thru the procedure on the front panel of the SYN-2 (hold down a button for 3 sec on desired channel). This works. But it only works on one preset. As soon as I move to the next preset to do the same, it overwrites the SYN-2 settings on the previous preset's scenes. So, I've got it to work, but only on one preset.

Other things I've tried: Synergy lists in their manual that you can send CC 56-59 to change the 4 channels on the SYN-2 (but then also says: "When selecting a channel using CC messages, only a message with a CC value of 64 or higher will have any effect."). I've tried this in the midi block and have had no luck. (I've tried on both "number" and "value" to no avail, not sure which one is correct).

I've gone into the settings>midi/remote parameters and toggled Program Change on/off. Channels are all set to Omni.

I'm starting to think this isn't going to work out. Possibly the system that Synergy uses to make it easy to assign channels to a midi controller (select channel on controller, select desired module, hold button for 3 seconds) is making this not work. It's also possible my incomplete knowledge of all things midi is the issue and I'm missing something obvious.
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I have an FM3 but haven’t tried it with the Syn-2 but I switch channels on the Syn-2 with my Helix via CC messages no problem. I have to set the value to 128. So for example CC number 56 value 128. Hopefully I understood your problem correctly from your post. Now I’m curious so I think I’ll hook up my Syn-2 to my FM3 and see if it works. I’ll let you know.
I do this with my Syn2 and both my Axe3 and FM3 setups. I use the CCs. It's way easier, you do not have to program PC values on the syn.

The Axe/FM3 just sends CC# with a value 127 (If the value for a CC is <64 it is ignored) on the proper channel and the syn 2 switches as directed. I change the syn channel on every single scene on most of my presets work perfectly. The AxeFx MIDI block is *awesome*.
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