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Feb 28, 2022
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Curious if any users are using this combination between the SLO-30 amplifier and using the SYN-2 to add additional amp channels (not so particular on the modules as I've tried a couple with the same behaviour on each).

I'm finding that when the SYN-2 is engaged to bypass the SLO-30 preamp, the volume of any channel from the SYN-2 is extremely loud. All my volume dials on the individual Synergy modules/channels are barely at 1 and crushing compared to the SLO-30 preamp. I'm following standard setup process using From Amp FX Send, To Amp FX Return. My level switches are both set to low (for the AMP FX send/return and the FX loop) and setting to high just made it worse.

To note, the SLO-30 handles other FX loop items just fine (have used multiple pedal boards and FX units) with no major volume differences. I have used the SYN-2 to add additional channels to a SYN-50 head and it has worked fine. Both the amp and Syn-2 seem to play well with others, just not with each other.

If anybody has this working and has any tips they can share it would be appreciated. I've tried a number of different cabling attempts even trying main out and using the main volume knob but then that drops the volume of the SLO-30 channels when it is bypassed which I don't want, I just want the SYN-2 output lowered.

It is hard to beat the SLO-30 Crunch and Overdrive, I'm really just trying to add an instant access clean channel option through the SYN-2. Maybe the SLO-30 amp FX loop design is not compatible with Synergy?

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