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Dec 9, 2007
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A few years ago I had a Marshall JCM 800 2203KK amp, I’d come from played a Marshall JVM prior to this, and considered that to be the best Marshall I’d played to date.

The 2203KK was cool, but it was insanely loud. I had to buy a THD Hotplate to go with it, and as much as I was told that would help get it to “its sweet spot”, it just never happened. The JCM 800 tones + the ‘Beast Mode’ boost (as well as the KT88 power section) made the amp very unique, but in the end I just preferred the OD Orange mode of the JVM.

I was aware that Jaded Faith Mods had done a custom 2203KK module once in the past. Fast forward to today and I managed to get my hands on it. I spoke to Rob, and he stated it’s really just a JCM 800 circuit with a boost switch, which honestly isn’t that far off the real thing.

The JF KK2203 arrived and I really like how direct it is. It has no extra bells or whistles, just the standard layout, with the bright switch being replaced by a ‘800 / 800+’ boost switch. The 800 side is a JCM 800. Think of any of the countless classic tunes that were recorded using one, and this mod can do it in spades. The 800+ mode is in all fairness much like the ‘Beast Mode’ of the 2203KK, it adds gain, slight compression and basically “balls” to the circuit. The main difference is, I like it WAY more than the real thing!

I’ve said that my favourite HG Marshall tone is the JVM OD Orange mode, and this is as close as any modular preamp has come, inc the Salvation Mash-All (aka Banned). I couldn’t ask for more in a metal voiced Marshall module.

Both modes with take a boost out front as good as any Marshall I’ve ever played. Not that they it need it, but Marshall’s have a great relationship with boosting, and this mod is no different.

This is not one of Rob’s featured mods, but if you’re a metal player that likes your Marshall tones, then the simplicity and tone of this mod are hard to beat! Plus, he even did the cool graphic!

For what I can tell it was a one off mod, and never part of his official line up.

This is the first time I've actually seen it, having only heard of it a few years ago.
Glad you are enjoying it. I think there is only one of those and it was a custom order. We've done over 4000 modules since 2007 and about 1/4 to 1/3 have been custom orders. There are plenty of unique mods out there that never went onto the menu.
withmittens said:
Rob, curious to know if you have notes on all the custom mods and can remake them when ordered?

It completely depends on the module. Sometimes I do if there was a lot of R&D or I "think" I might need to make another for some reason. Often I don't because I can just look at a schematic and do it off the top of my head. I work on so many amps and have done this for so long I can tell exactly how something will sound from what's on paper without having to build it.