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Jaded Faith

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Jul 14, 2007
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Hamilton, NJ

Up for sale is the prototype JFA RM50 Lynch Box amp from our private collection. This is the prototype amp, seen in it's original version in the profile picture with George Lynch and I, that George played in 2014 at the Jersey Shore Guitar Show. It began our partnership with him over the last five years and was the test bed for all the MTS amp mods that we currently offer. This amp has the exact same mods that we did for George's personal RM100LB including JFA Mercury Magnetics transformers in red, choke, JFA Input (added tube gain stage and gain control), JFA Adjustable Loop (allows all pedals to be used safely and allows you to drive the recovery stage harder), Foglifter+ with Adjustable NFB and a custom head shell that was the last of the green alligator tolex used on the original Lynch Box amps.

The amp will include a certificate of authenticity and shipping for $1600 (certified cashiers check or money order). For $2600 I'll include George's old Brahma and Grail modules that we didn't use when building his amp for him. International shipping possible but we need to discuss additional costs. Add 3% if using PayPal. Email Rob at [email protected] to discuss. First come, first serve and we will not hold this. The amp will ship on 6/7/19.

Photos can be seen on our Facebook post here: