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Dec 15, 2022
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Welcome to the new members, and old returning members. Please make a post and tell us about yourself and your equipment.
Hello folks, I just bought a Randall RM4 and looking to set it up. Was also hoping to find the schematic for download. Thanks.
Greetings! New to the Module game. I just purchased the SYN-2 rack and the Bogner Ubershall to start. I have previously gigged with Marshall JMP-1 and the 50/50 Power amp and am looking for something lighter in weight with more tonal options.
Howdy, started with Synergy during the pandemic and then picked up some modded RM100s from Matt Fig. Loving the versatility of these modules!
Thanks for letting me in!
Hi all from New Zealand 👋 Randall Rm100 - KH1A, VH4, 1086
New to the way of the Module, but feeling this is the way!
Here to ask advice, advice on and learn about modding, buy modules. Trouble shooting the Rm advice on best mods to buy that kinda thing.
Chat soon!
I’m looking at getting into the Synergy Module system and here to ask advice and hear about current users experiences with these modules.