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FS: 4 Jaded Faith mods

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Jan 26, 2012
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La Habra, CA
The Jaded Faith mods listed below are for sale. Prices included shipping to the continental US. Pictures can be emailed upon request, though all are in great shape.

-UltraLead ($350): based on the VHT UltraLead. Very tight, clear, articulate high gain. This mod has the mid shift knob.
-KH3 modded ($280): standard KH3 with a tone stack upgrade. Switch added to select between Ride The Lightning & the Black album tones.

-59RR Platinum Edition (SOLD): an array of Marshall amps with multiple tone shaping options. Limited edition module with signed certificate.
-Pitbull (SOLD): a VHT spin on the high gain Marshall. Very tight and aggressive. This has been one of my favorite modules over the years.
Hey man, thanx I am...there is some thump in it...and its nice to have the extra voice to compliment my Calilead. Here's an update after comparing them to the new SYNERGY FREYTTE. I'm sorry to say if you have ether of the jaded mods as I do...and if you don't care about a clean from it. My very subjective opinion is... Don't buy it! and continue to enjoy Rob's Great Hard Work! If you don't have the luxury of owning the Mods or head then its cool....but again...if you are looking for super chunk with some...chugaluga drop everything and go get the SYNERGY UBERSCHALL!!! They did good on this one and the SOLDANO...POWERBALL but the UBER as usual FING RULES....If you are looking for over the top PEAVEY tone you must also own a little Russian secret I use...The COLOSSUS from KARTAKOU...Peace!