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king tone

Jun 6, 2016
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I just got a mod50. I used to have one a few years back. Now it seems hard to find used modules...I check classifieds here, ebay, rig talk, HRI, etc...seems like ANY of the egnater modules are super hard to find. Have they all been modded/changed or..? Like bigfoot, the evidence is difficult to locate. I was going to try to put WTB in classifieds but I found out I need 10 posts. This is number 1. I know there is some excitement about the synergy stuff and that is great but I sort of wanted to maybe pick up a couple of the original ones that Bruce did. The VX, maybe a COD or EG3/4.
keep posting here, I'll return fire. you'll find them. there were a bunch here not too long ago and some on ebay but are gone

I think they come up every month or so as folks dig up their gear they don't use. best, easiest, most expensive is to buy straight mods from the vendors. not sure if Jaded has any donors but Salvation does
Cool. So are you saying you could actually buy a donor module from salvation etc, that has not been modded yet or you mean ones that have been modded which have not actually been sold post modification?
(this is not a sales pitch, because it's staying on topic with this thread)

I will be putting up a few modules for sale in the near future (within the next week or so). What are you looking for?
The main priority one is the VOX. Possibly a COD. I really think my SL+ is not the same as a normal SL2 so if that is the case, maybe a regular SL2. All of this is based on what money I can scrounge together at the time. If we see the synergy line I guess I would have to check out a Friedman.
Basically, I'm selling off my VX, EG5 and BMAN modules first; the BMAN currently has the 'XMAN' mod, but I can reverse that easily upon request.

After those are gone, I'll be selling my MOD50 with T/D and SL2X modules.
I'm just sort of interested in the non-modded versions of the original egnater modules. The VX especially, maybe COD or EG3/4 at some point a bit later.