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Jun 4, 2023
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Idk I was psyched about my syn-1 and BE module I bought new last December. It was working great until I bought a tdlx module. Just got it today (6/3/22), and it was great for about 35 minutes then it stopped working. The syn-1 stopped working too. I removed the tdlx module and plugged the friedman BE back in to no avail. I replaced the T300/250v mains fuse and heated it up again with no module. It started up but began to smell like melting plastic, then the fuse blew again. The fuse was hot when I checked it. Now I’m not sure if the tdlx module did something to the syn1 or it’s just the syn1 itself?! Does anyone know if this an issue that’s come up before? Any help would be appreciated before I send it back to Synergy for repair.
Sounds like major repair issue for Synergy. First I ever heard of that, smell, melting, that is just not cool. I've have tubes crap on me and make me wonder wtf was happening but it was not the Synergy unit itself.
Yeah it’s definitely cooked. Synergy has been great about honoring the warranty though. Albeit a hassle having to pack it up, ship it back and not having it for what looks to be a month now while they fix it. Hopefully it never happens again. 🤞