New Tdlx module, crackling noise

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Jan 2, 2020
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Hi all,

New syn1 user here, with a new Tdlx module. Love the sound of this thing.

I have an issue - when I turn up the red channel - gain above 2 o’clock, volume above 3... I get a horrible crackling noise. It’s not sounding right at all. If I turn volume down below 3, everything sounds fine. Master volume is set low and the crackle definitely is not coming from my power amp or speaker.

Has anybody encounter this issue before? Any ideas, thoughts or fixes.

Let me know, any info will be helpful... in the end I may just return the module and grab a new one to see if it is a faulty Tdlx module.

Do you have some spare tubes from another module to try in the tdlx?

You may have done that, but just wanted to be sure you ruled that out.
I’ll give it a try... I didn’t realize it was that easy to change them out...