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Thanks for the fast reply bro.
3M ? I thought I heard some one mention 3M before in the past but I was not sure exactly what 3M glue!
I encountered this with my RM50B as well:

I tried 3M Super 77 spray adhesive (which usually works on anything) and didn't have much luck.
oh this is not good .... So what happened ? Is your amp still that way?
If the 3M dont work I dont know what else could. Still surching I guess!
I wonder if it was becase the tolex was already treated with there bad glue?!
Anybody have more ideas of what to glue this with Fire away and Thank you.

Thanks jmgman70 n Chad
The 3M extra strength #90 works pretty good,I built 2 4x12s and a 2x12 2 years ago and it's holding strong,the 77 didn't do much for me either but it does work on cardboard great,it was about the best solution that I came up with.Home Depot in the adhesive section is where I found it,and the price was right there than.There is some roll on stuff that works killer but I have to do search again and locate some but the staple gun works great on the underside well.......
I had an rm100 that had that same prob and that is what I used,I pulled the chassis out and the grill,I believe I wiped it down with a solvent like naptha or something like that and let it dry,dries fast,Must follow directions good for best results,and I used a plstic squeege to roll out the tolex that worked good.I sold my rm a few months after and it was holding fast.
Sounds like I need to give 3M #90 a try.

My situation hasn't been too bad as it's pretty much limited to the edging of the tolex on the back panels of my RM50B.
Unless thers somthing else it looks like that and the naptha I will have to look into unless some one else come up with somthing Ill be looking around, I wonder If I could pick up that 3 M at Lowes or Menards?!..
What about 3M Weatherstrip adhesive from an auto parts store? I use that spray adhesive to hold carpeting to a pedal board. Don't see why you couldn't use it to hold tolex to the head.
This was one of those projects that I did a couple of years ago looking for something different.That head looks great AXE.
Dam AXE,That glue was the next on my list but the heavy duty spray on was faster but I think that was a good judgement call on your part and far superior product,that head really does look great,I'm gonna have to build a couple of two 12s and get really creative,was that glue easy to work with the tolex?