Which cap should I replace?

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Jan 25, 2010
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I followed the links on this thread for the high gain mod:
and was trying to figure out which of the caps is c3.
The written description says that the c3 cap is on the left edge of the pcb behind the gain knob. There is also a picture of a module with redish cap on the left edge that is circled and named c3.
On my xtc module this cap is labeled c1 whereas the c3 is located behind the bright switch and is a yellow instead of red.
Which cap should I replace?
I used 0,001u.
I see that u use the grail module, is it true that this is based on an early Dual Rectifier?
Should I go with grail or tredplate to get a convincing Rectifier sound?
Why do that? Because of the price?I also don't know how to. Do u know if there are any instructions on how to do that?
I have a .0015 cap in my XTC but I'm putting in a .0022... gonna see what happens then... I looked at Pete's mod page and printed thepcb layout pdf for the XTC. it shows a .0022 I got some handy so I thought why not.
I also got some high quality carbon comp resisters to change out the ones ahead of the tone stack.

Where you guys getting your orange drop caps?... I need some... I'm in Alberta Canada.
I get them from New Old Sounds from ebay or from http://www.newoldsounds.com/
He has the best prices around.

I think that the C1 cap on the XTC module is 0.0022 straight from the factory. If that is the case then replacing the stantard cap with an orange drop cap of the same value won't make such a big difference to the sound nor improve the flubby pick attack and muddiness.