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mfgobbi said:
Jaded Faith said:
As per your requests, we are proud to bring you all the updates Jaded Faith Mods Module Tone Comparison Chart for 2014:

It's an excellent tool for comparing various modules according to their gain and tonal color attributes. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

- Rob

Let me try to help myself given that those 6 qualities are somewhat subjective. Correct if I am wrong:

Compressed/Saturated = not very dynamic, not very sensitive to picking strength, more subtle pickup definition, sustain for days, more forgiving to sloppy playing and poor picking technique.

Organic/Open = more dynamic, responds well to picking strength, picking technique, guitar volume and tone controls, let pickup tone characteristics go through more clearly, more unforgiving to uneven playing/picking and sloppiness.

Natural = simpler circuit, flatter frequency response, not too much signal filtering or manipulation, clipping more natural and tone may present weirdness when signal is pushed too hard. Usually better sounding up to mid gain.

Extreme = Signal strongly manipulated (filtered) to be focused on particular frequencies (scooped tones come to mind), very high gain and well defined all the way.

I think that's absolutely right on
Thank you for this graphic! Helpful. Where would you place your VX30? Thank you
Any chance that this chart might be updated to reflect all the current mods as well; e.g., not seeing the JPlex or 6505 listed? Picked up a JF XTC around last Christmas. It is my 1st modded module and by far the best tones I have ever gotten out of the MTS stuff. Will definitely be picking up some more from Rob and an updated chart would be helpful in picking out which ones to pull the trigger on...SO many mods, limited funds!
Wow, just found this and it's killer. Rob if you ever want an updated version, hit me up.