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For Sale Synergy SYN-1 Module Dock (Sold)

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Mar 30, 2024
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Synergy SYN1 Tabletop Preamp Module Dock - Sold

Excellent condition. Includes original box and all accessories (footswitch, cables, etc).

Synergy Amplification's SYN1 single-module preamp places the true-tube tone of a cranked amplifier directly on your desktop. In conjunction with any one of Synergy's all-tube preamp modules, you'll take advantage of its Friedman-designed, cab-emulated XLR output, Fryette-engineered Sag control, and much more. And by utilizing the SYN1's effects loop and direct-to-amp outputs, it even makes a killer addition to your live amp rig, whether using it as your front end or adding two channels to the amp you already love and use. For such a compact device, the Synergy SYN1 is one of the most powerful pieces of tube gear you can own.




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